Occupational Health and Safety Policy


PT. Standard Toyo Polymer is committed to :

  • Create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, subcontractor and visitors at workplace.
  • Prevent of work related injury and illness.

To achieve this we will :              

  • Establish and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System accordance  with PP No.50 Tahun 2012.
  • Comply with standards and OHS laws are still relevant to the activities of the company.
  • Establish and monitor safety objectives at sites and implement corrective action to improve performance.
  • Providing education or training related OHS for employee to improve performance of OHS in the company.      
  • Make OHS as our culture and necessit.
  • Perform continuous improvement.

Specific policies on our company :

  • Smoking only  in specific areas

     To ensure effective communication of our health and safety policy, PT. Standard Toyo Polymer will communicate to all employee regarding      health and safety issues and initiatives continuous improvemen.


Quality Policy

 PT. Standard Toyo Polymer commits to present the  best  quality and services for customer satisfaction by :

  • Establish quality  management  system  based  on SNI ISO 9001 2015 and product  quality  inspection  based  on  SNI-06-0059-2000 and implement  ISO-9001-2015  and  SNI-06-0059-2000 requirements effectively and continually.
  • Give priority to quality and effectivity in each working process.
  • Develop human resources.
  • Perform  sustained  review  of  quality achievement  and  quality management system effectiveness.
  • Perform continuous improvement.